Cabrinha Moto Package Deal

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The Cabrinha Moto Package Deal is one that will suit beginner to advanced kiteboarders. Extra discounts when purchasing the gear together in one package.

Cabrinha Moto Package Deal

Save money through purchasing a package deal. The Cabrinha Moto package deal is one that will take you from beginner to advanced kiteboarder. There are key features in the Moto that make this kite fantastic for beginners to advanced kiteboarders. This is not a package deal that you will grow out of quick. Heres more about the Cabrinha Moto.

Whats Included In The Package

  • Cabrinha Moto Kite

  • Cabrinha Bar

  • Cabrinha Board and Footstraps

  • Pump

  • Harness

  • Safety Leash

***everything needed to get you on the water is included***

Cabrinha Moto

The Cabrinha Moto is a 3 strut version of the Switchblade. It is designed to be an all around kite with performance features. What you'll experience from this kite is great boosting, quick turning for kiteloops and a light weight feel for lighter bar pressure. What we like about the Moto for teaching is that you can feel exactly where the kite is in the sky. It is very predictable which makes it great for beginners learning basic kite control to more advanced riders looking to learn new tricks. Water relaunching with the Moto is very easy, it wants to rotate on its side for easy water relaunches. If you want to read more about the Cabrinha Moto check out our full review here.

Cabrinha Moto vs Switchblade

The Cabrinha Moto and Switchblade are designed to be similar but there are a couple of key differentiations that make these kites unique. The Moto has 3 struts where the Switchblade has 5 struts. A 3 strut design is lighter making the Moto feel lighter both in the air and in the bar than a Switchblade does. Having 5 struts gives the kite more structure which allows it to feel smoother in gustier conditions. The Moto compensates for the lack of 2 extra struts through battens. The battens on the trailing edge of the Moto provide additional structure points that reduce flutter making the kite fly smoother than other 3 strut kites. There is one pulley on the bridle of the Switchblade and no pulleys on the Moto. Having no pulleys in the bridle causes the kite to turn quicker. 

Both kites are similar and will be great for beginners. Both kites will boost excellent but here are the key differences we've noticed between the kites.The Switchblade will have a little more lowend power than the Moto. The Moto will be able to handle a little stronger winds than the Switchblade. If you weigh over 180 lbs the Switchblade may be a better option for you. If you are under 180 lbs then the Moto may be a better option. The conditions that you will be going out in will also make a difference, if you're not sure call the shop. The Moto has less bar pressure than the Switchblade does. The Switchblade will have more hangtime than the Moto. The Moto will turn quicker so downloops and kiteloops will be easier and smoother. Both are great kites that you can't go wrong with!

Cabrinha Spectrum Board

The Cabrinha Spectrum has been the most popular board in the shop for the past couple of years. Its a board thats great for beginners up to an intermediate level of riding. The Spectrum is super lightweight and has a balanced rocker and flex outline. For more information check out the full Cabrinha Spectrum review here.

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