WOO Kiteboarding Tracker 2.0

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WOO Kiteboarding Tracker gives you the data to track all your kite sessions, see your friends kite sessions and see the leaderboards for your area or the world! New to the WOO 2.0 is the ability for it to track what tricks you land!

WOO is a Kiteboarding Performance Tracker to record every jump from your session. Log every day on the water, challenge friends, and explore kite spots, all on WOO Kite App for iOS and Android. Start riding with WOO and push your riding to new heights!

Track Your Progression

Every jump from every session is recorded to help you track your riding over time. As you learn to ride with more power, you’ll see your stats improve and your position on the leaderboards rise!

Challenge Friends

Kiters around the world are using WOO to stay in touch with their kiting friends and keep the competitive vibes flowing every day of the week. Follow friends and track all their session to see how they’re keeping up!

Connect with Kiters

Riders from around the world are posting session to WOO everyday! See where the biggest sessions are occurring and who’s getting out in your area.

WOO 2.0

New for Woo is the ability to measure the freestyle tricks you do. It'll tell you all the stats you are use to seeing from the original WOO, how high you jump, how long you are in the air for, and how hard you land. With the new Freestyle Mode you can track what trick you did, how well you landed and how many points you earned. You can compete with riders around the world.

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