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SIC Bullet V2 14' SCC A.S.S.

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Available with fixed and foot steering included! New in the box! This all carbon board out performs others in all ocean and flat water conditions. Originally $3500 now $1699, hurry before they are gone!!!
The main difference between the Bullet V2 14' SCC and the Bullet 14' TWC is that this board has a toned down rocker and the widest point has been shifted a bit further up on the board.

Regular Price: $3,499.00

Special Price: $1,699.00


SIC Bullet V2 14' SCC with A.S.S.

  • Biaxial Composite
  • Rail Reinforcement
  • Tuff-Wood Deck
  • Lightweight EPS Core
  • Breather Vent
  • EZ-Grab Handle

 *** You can have this board with the Active Steering System or can lock the fin in place, both options are available.

Touring / Downwind / Race

The Bullet 14.0 V2 is the ultimate downwind racing machine. The outline’s widest point has been shifted slightly forward and the rocker flattened, which provides the rider with better stability when powering up in lower wind ranges and smaller chop. You would think that straighter rocker would cause the board to pearl easily, however, the narrowed tail brings the nose up, mitigating purling and unlocking top end speed by reducing wetted surface area. The board has slightly lower volume than the Bullet 14 TWC, but maintains its iconic full volume rails and gradual tuck to promote stability, which incidentally also reduces paddler fatigue over long races or touring distances.

Board Technology

Here at SIC we are all passionate paddlers, at all levels of ability and each of us loves different aspects of paddling. But we all want a board that feels like an extension of ourselves, a board that gives us the confidence to paddle the wind, the surf or just to feel the glide. We know that you are looking for these same experiences. So we have built a great line of boards, catering to different levels of paddlers, and different styles of paddling. Our board line goes from high-end performance all the way to the everyday paddler and we even have the youth covered. Come experience the love that we put into shaping and designing our boards, for the shared love of paddling.


The Assisted Steering System can either be locked into place or setup to have your fin work like a rudder. Here's the video showing how to setup this system:



Bullet 14.0 V2 SCC

Additional Information

Brand SIC Sandwich Island Concepts
Size 14'

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