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Quickblade V-Drive Vector Net

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Quickblade V-Drive Vector Net Paddle. We cut and epoxy the handle based on the height of the paddler, for custom cut heights or if you want to do it yourself leave us a message.

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Quickblade V-Drive Vector Net 

These paddles have a fixed height. We cut and epoxy the handle based on the height of the paddler provided. If you have a specific height or would rather do it yourself, let us know in the space provided.

he colorful Vector-net lay-up’s have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex in this hybrid construction. 

With excellent torsional stiffness they’re ideal for both surfing, touring and racing, while more forgiving on the shoulders and wrists than the all carbon version.

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The V-drive is one of Quickblades most advanced paddles yet. This paddle maximizes the output of force put into each stroke at the entry point and the first foot of your stroke. This paddle is ideal for those taller paddlers that either want to shave some time off their workout or just maximize their efficiency of paddle strokes on the water.

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