Quickblade Trifecta Vector Net

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Quickblade Trifecta Vector Net Paddle. We cut and epoxy the handle based on the height of the paddler, for custom cut heights or if you want to do it yourself.

Quickblade Trifecta Vector Net

The colorful Vector-net lay-up’s have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex in this hybrid construction. 

With excellent torsional stiffness they’re ideal for both surfing, touring and racing, while more forgiving on the shoulders and wrists than the all carbon version. 

This paddle has a narrow blade tip and gets fuller in the mid section making for a softer catch yet very powerful mid stroke. It has a double concave blade face that blends nicely into a pronounced dihedral that really adds stability to the stroke while eliminating blade flutter.

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The Trifecta is the latest paddle blade to come out of the Quickblade doors. The Trifecta’s blade is designed to maximize the power that you put into the middle third of your stoke. Unlike the V-drive the Trifecta is designed with shorter paddlers in mind. The Trifecta is a great choice for those paddlers looking to go longer, faster, or for those who just want a more efficient and smoother paddle.

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