Oneill Original Front Zip 3/2

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The Oneill Original is Oneill's latest wetsuit that features the newest and stretchiest neoprene thats glue and blind stitched together to create a super warm and comfortable suit.

Oneill Original FZ 3/2

Perfect for the cold-water conditions around Santa Cruz where Jack O'Neill built his first wetsuits over 60 years ago, the O'riginal Men's F.U.Z.E. 3/2 Taped Wetsuit is a solid suit for a price that won't break the bank. The O'riginal combines the stretchiness of O'Neill's UltraFlex neoprene with the warm insulation of a Carbon Firewall Lining, making it extremely agile in the water, but also toasty enough (in water over 58F) to shred for hours without discomfort. And if you're worried about leaving your keys dangling from a car tire, the wetsuit includes an external pocket for stashing your key so you won't have to call your ex for a ride home.  

  • A wetsuit for ocean and river surfing 

  • 3/2mm UltraFlex neoprene stretchy, soft, and durable

  • F.U.Z.E. chest-zip closure makes entry and exit easier

  • Carbon Firewall smooth-on-skin and retains body heat 

  • Fully taped seams enhance stretchy performance

  • External key pocket with loop reduces parking stress

  • Entry includes drain holes for effortless flushing

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