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NP S1 Tracker EZ Set

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S1 Tracker is a pivoting hook which reduces the torque load experienced when a kite starts pulling with a side vector to the body. The spring powered hook effectively makes the connection point much closer to the rider, negating sideways forces experienced during turns or toe-side riding. The hook self-centers once the load is removed, making hooking in after performing unhooked tricks easier.

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This is an awesome spreader bar to have for any kiter, no matter what style of riding you do. We started riding this bar for foilboarding (makes toeside transitions and edging way easier) but gave it a chance for a freestyle session with the twin tip. It did not affect the ability to unhook or hook back in, it actually was easier to hook back in. The other nice feature is when you're digging in and holding a hard edge, the spreader pivots rather than the harness sliding around your waist, making the harness sit better while you ride.

25cm | (Men’s XS, S, M, L), (Ladies’ S, M, L)

Tracker Hook Spreader Bar

  • More freedom of movement and less restriction compared to a traditional fixed hook
  • Reduces torque load on the spreader bar whilst carving turns and riding toe-side
  • Wide range pivot that automatically springs back to the center
  • Smooth, rounded hook with a deep curve allows the chicken loop and security finger to attach securely reducing the chance of accidental unhooking
  • Titanium fulcrum used for best strength to weight ratio
  • Durable anodized spring


  • EZ Release buckle
  • Safety leash attachment
  • Security knife
  • EVA Moulded Pad
  • Wing Inserts
  • Tie down straps
  • Wing inserts are not recommended for seat harnesses

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Brand NP Surf

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