Lightwind Kiteboarding Package - Cabrinha Contra

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This is a package deal for a bigger rider that needs a bigger kite and board or a rider simply looking to get out in the lightest winds possible on a twintip board.

Lightwind Kiteboarding Package

What This Package Includes

  • Cabrinha Contra Kite

  • Cabrinha Control Bar

  • Cabrinha Spectrum Board

2019 Cabrinha Contra

The Contra was in Cabrinha's lineup in the early to mid 2000's but was dropped because the technology wasn't there yet to make the kite what it's supposed to be, a lightwind performance kite. The modern Contra is much lighter, has NO PULLEYs which makes the kite way more direct steering and has WAY lighter bar pressure than the early Contras. The 2019 Cabrinha Contra features a stiffer and lighter Dacron material that allows the kite to be more rigid, making it turn faster. The Contra is a kite that makes lightwind kiteboarding fun! You can still do all the fun tricks you would be able to do on a 12m kite. The Contra is designed to feel similar to a Switchblade, just lighter in the sky (Contra has 3 struts, Switchblade has 5 struts). If you're a bigger rider or want to get out in those 10-15 mph days, the Contra is the go to kite.

The Contra is Cabrinha's ultimate lightwind kite. There was no question in 2014 when Cabrinha rereleased the Contra that it had enough grunt to get even heavy riders upwind in very little wind. The two breakthroughs the Contra acheived was that it is easy to relaunch in almost no wind and that it is fast! Cabrinha created a short, pullyless bridle system so the rider is able to input direct feedback. 

The Cabrinha Contra is one of the easiest to use lightwind kites on the market. You can park and ride the Contra without having to work it like other kites on the market. For a more in depth review of the 19m Contra check it out here



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