Freeride Foil Package - Cabrinha Moto or Drifter

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Here's our favorite free ride foiling package. This setup feels great and we are confident that if you're into foil boarding you'll love this combo.

FreeRide Foil Package: Cabrinha Moto or Drifter

What this packge includes

  • Cabrinha Moto or Drifter

  • Foilboard

  • Foil Setup

Why This Setup

This is our setup of choice. Either kite is absolutely fantastic for foilboarding. What we like about either the Moto or Drifter is that they'll fly in lightwinds. Not only that but they turn quick and drift exceptionally well. This is great if you're making a jibe and riding straight towards the kite. You want a kite that'll not only stay in the sky but can be controlled. Both kites feel smooth where you'll not feel like you're getting yanked over the front of the board.

We recommend either the Liquid Force Wakefoil, Liquid Force Pod or Cabrinha Double Agent Board. The reason we like either of these boards is because they'll sit sideways in the water when you're getting started. A board with a lot of bouyancy is harder to start because with a foil attached to it, it doesnt want to sit on its side. These boards have less bouyancy but a good amount of surface area. The surface area will help if you're bouncing up and down learning or learning how to tack or jibe. All three boards are compatible with footstraps. We recommend using one footstrap in the center front of the board for learning. 

Moto vs Drifter

First off, both of these kites are excellent choices. We have tested both with foilboards, twintips and surfboards. We think either one of these kites will be the best freeride foil options in Cabrinhas lineup. What we like about both options are their abilities to drift so if you're riding straight at the kite going downwind, these kites will not only stay in the sky but can be controlled as well. We like the lighter bar pressure and quick steering. Heres a brief breakdown of the two kites.


The Moto has been our biggest seller recently. What people have liked about this kite is that its great behind a foil, twintip or surfboard. It'll have a little more bar pressure than a Drifter but lighter than a Switchblade. It actually sits between the Drifter and Switchblade in design profile. So if you're used to riding a Switchblade and want a similar feeling 3-stut kite then the Moto will be your option.


The Drifter is THE go-to surf kite. It drifts like no other, super stable in the sky and turns on a dime. Personally, this is our favorite kite for freeride foiling because of how light and nimble it feels. You can make a fast tack or jibe and the Drifter positions itself where it needs to be. You can turn the power off or turn it on with command. If you're an experienced rider, you'll appreciate all the performance features on the Drifter.

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