Fix My Kite Tuff Strut Blanks

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Fix My Kite Tuff Strut Blanks

These are strut blanks only. It is important to know that the valves are a separate item and when placing the valves on the struts to align the valve with the opening in the kite. Make sure the surface is flat when placing the valve on the strut. When tucking the strut back into the kite, make sure the top of the strut in folded inwards. It is always good to use a fair amount of baby powder to prevent inconsistencies in the strut when putting it back in.


Tuff Bladders are different from any other bladder on the market. These bladders have been specifically developed to withstand the abuse of kiteboarding. The big secret to our bladders is stretch. while other bladders are stiff and pop easily, the tuff bladders stretch when put under then quickly go back to their original shape. use Tuff bladders in any kite when you want the toughest, most durable bladder available.


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