Do Everything Kiteboarding Package - Cabrinha Switchblade

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This Cabrinha Switchblade package is for the kiteboarder that wants a deal on a high quality, top performing kite. It's a kite that will allow you to progress fast no matter what level you're at.

Do Everything Package Kiteboarding Package - Cabrinha Switchblade

What This Package Consists Of

  • 2019 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite

  • 2019 Cabrinha Trimlite Bar

  • Safety Leash

  • Pump

  • 2020 Cabrinha Spectrum Board

  • 2019 Cabrinha H1 Footstraps

  • Mystic Star Waist Harness

This package consists of everything needed to get you out on the water kiteboarding

About The Cabrinha Switchblade

The Cabrinha Switchblade has been an industry leading "do everything" kite for over 10 years. What makes this kite so special is that it's designed for park and ride ease of use. What this specifically means is that its easy to dive the kite and keep it parked while riding, if you feel overpowered, maintain your edge and sheet out and the Switchblade instantly depowers. We love using the Switchblade for both teaching and riding because how easy it is to feel exactly where the kite is in the sky without having to look at it. This makes progessing, whether you're working on staying upwind or how to boost big, easy. Another nice feature of the Cabrinha Switchblade is that it's a kite you won't grow out of in your first year of kiteboarding. It will keep you progressing fast, even when you're trying to get those 40 / 50 ft boosts.

A common thing we hear as kiteboard instructors is that a new rider won't know the differences between a good kite from a bad kite. From our experience teaching, we are confident that even new riders will know the difference between a good kite and a bad kite. A well engineered kite like the Cabrinha Switchblade will make everything from water relaunching to waterstarts and riding upwind way easier. If you have a kite that's smooth like the Switchblade is, you'll be able to ride easier, struggle less and enjoy kiteboarding more. Over the years we've tried carrying other brands but the Switchblade continues to out-perform the rest. 

How to choose the right kite size

The first thing to do is to see what the average wind speed is for the area you'll be kiting. For example, the average wind in the Tampa Bay area is 15mph.

Here's our recommendation for kite sizes based on rider weight and the wind being 15mph:

90-110 lbs = 9m

110-130 lbs = 10m

130-155 lbs = 11m 

155-185 lbs = 12m

185 lbs + = 14m

Control Bar Options

Cabrinha has two options for the connection point, the Quickloop (Traditional System) and the Fireball (Ball and Socket)

Once you choose your connection option, here are the options for bars:

Fixed Trimlite 1X 44cm

Fixed Trimlite 1X 52cm

Fixed Trimlite 1X 60cm

Adjustable Trimlite 1X Overdrive 48-56cm

Adjustable Recoil 1X Overdrive 48-56cm

Advantages of an adjustable bar:

  1. Can be used with a variety of different size kites

  2. Can slow or speed up your kite. This is good if you're trying to learn a new trick. You may want to slow the kite down when you're first learning the trick but once you know it and want to boost big then you'll want to speed the kite back up.

Advantages of a fixed bar:

  1. Lighter

  2. Simpler

2020 Cabrinha Spectrum

The 2020 Cabrinha Spectrum has been refined over the years to create a lightweight, easy to ride and progress kiteboard. The Spectrum performs in a wide range of riding styles and water conditions. It has incredible upwind abilities and its soft flex pattern flies through rough and choppy water with ease. Use the Spectrum for whatever type of riding the day dishes out and you will be amazed by its adaptability.

If you have specific questions, call us or send us an email

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