Cabrinha Switchblade and Board Package

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Save money when you buy both a kite and board.

Cabrinha Switchblade and Board Combo

Save money when you buy both a kite and board.. Maybe you already have a harness and just need a kite and board. Here are some incentives to save on this package deal.

About the 2020 Cabrinha Switchblade

The 2020 Cabrinha Switchblade has been refined and tuned for better performance. What we've noticed from testing this kite out is that it is less likely to back stall compared to previous year models. With a kite less likely to stall you'll get better performance no matter what style of riding you're doing. The Cabrinha Switchblade is the go to kite from beginner to pro. It is a kite that will make progressing easier and faster.

Cabrinha Spectrum

The Spectrum is a great all around board. It has good flex and good pop. The shape is balanced and made for freeride and tricks. What it doesnt have that other "performance" boards have are channels on the bottom. The channels give the board more grip to the water. 

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