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Cabrinha Foilboard Double Agent

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Now in stock! The Cabrinha Foilboard Double Agent is built bombproof and is for the rider looking to have the most amount of fun on a foil! Pair this with the Cabrinha Contra and you can show up to the beach on any day and ride!



Rider Profile: The Cabrinha foilboard Double Agent is for the rider who wants a performance hydrofoil board which can convert into a surf skate style directional board.

When configured with our foil system it will have you flying in well under10 knots. When configured with the four surf fins it doubles as a fun bumpand jump style directional board.

Shop Review: Absolutely awesome! Theres a fair amount of lightwind days here in the Tampa Bay area but it doesnt matter anymore because with the Double Agent we can comfortably ride every day of the year. Not only are we able to ride but we can seriously cruise and go anywhere! Even in super light wind you can tack almost directly upwind. The coolest part about foilboarding is how you're not limited to a back and forth tack but can go anywhere. Compared to other less expensive foils on the market this ones is way more stable and can handle higher speeds better. You'll love it and never get skunked again.

Kiteboarding Lightwind at St Pete Beach from Anthony Franchi on Vimeo.


Features & Benefits:
• Works well in a wide range of conditions

• Multi use: foil board / surf skate / wake surf

• Modular system - Board, shaft and fuselage, & dual wing system

• Unique light weight wing construction

• Light weight and durable mast

Board Tech:
• A-grade Paulownia wood core
• Volcanic Basalt fiber construction
• Ultra bond PU rails
• Durable top and bottom sheets
• 2 x 100mm & 2 x 75mm GFN fins
• 3 x Ultralight Footstraps

Mast Tech:
• Aircraft grade extruded anodized 6061-T6 aluminum shaft and fuselage
• Ships with the mounting hardware and tools

Wing Tech:
• A- grade Paulownia wood core
• Volcanic Basalt fiber construction
• Ultra bond PU rails
• Durable top and bottom sheets with full graphics

Shop Review: After riding almost every foil I could get my hands on, I finally found one that really gets the most bang for your buck. The Cabrinha foilboard really does feel like the $2700 boards being sold! Cabrinha is dedicated to quality so you can count on this board being able to take the abuse. The only reason you wouldnt like this board is if you were into foil racing, in which case you'll be looking for the higher aspect foils. This foilboard is perfect for beginners (it has a shorter mast than ones like the Liquid Force foil) and also good for areas known to be more shallow. The Double Agent is a ton of fun for doing freestyle type tricks and makes its easy to learn jibes. This board is the perfect first foilboard or the perfect upgrade from other "user friendly" foilboards. 

Additional Information

Brand Cabrinha
Style Freestyle, Lightwind, Freeride

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