2019 Cabrinha 1X Quickloop Trimlite

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The 2019 Cabrinha Quickloop Trimlite 1X has a fixed bar length and is the lightest of the Cabrinha bars.

2019 Cabrinha Quickloop Trimlite 1X

Available in 44cm, 52cm, or 60cm

What Cabrinha Says

Our industry first dual density highly textured bar grip, provides an unmatched rider interface for unhooked, as well as hooked in riding. The ergonomically designed asymmetric finger bar provides intuitive and instant tactile left/right orientation. Our soft touch bar ends, provides a safe and stable steering platform with integrated rear line adjustment and convenient line retainers.


• NEW - Improved asymetric grip design with increased traction for better grip

• NEW - Refined ergonomic bar ends with improved durability and easy accessible rear line adjustment, which float the entire bar

• Internalized lines
• Lightweight - clean and simple design


Our customized compact stainless steel Trimlite CleatTM, allows precise and positive trim adjustment. The light weight design has an elasticized trim line, and internalized mainline and landing lines protected with PU tubing, which gives you a minimalist system with perfect balance and trim to match the changing wind conditions.

Simple and clean system
• Durable stainless steel cleat
• Integrated bungee in trim line to reduce tail • Low V connection for direct steering
• 1X centralized flagging line connection point

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