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2017 Bote Core

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New for 2017 is the Bote Core. Many paddlers want to bring their dogs or kids with them but have no proper place to put them. The Bote Core offers padding that goes to the front nose of the board and is available in either the 12'HD, 10'6HD, 12' Flood or 10'6 Flood.

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Regular Price: $1,250.00

Special Price: $1,041.00


2017 Bote Core

The Core is a style. What sets Bote apart is their style and creativity. With the Core you're getting a board that has padding from the tail to the nose of the board. Now you can take your kids or your dog on the board with you and have a comfortable place they can sit or stand. The Core is available in four different design models: 10'6 Flood, 10'6 HD, 12' Flood, and 12' HD.

Bote HD

The difference between the Bote HD and Bote Flood is the nose of the board. The HD has a pointed nose, which allows the board to track in a straighter line. You can paddle longer on one side of the paddleboard without going off course. If theres boat chop, wind, or current, the HD nose helps the board cut through the water and pushes the board to where you're trying to go faster than a traditional "cruising" board. The HD is also designed to be quiter in the water. You'll experience little to no slapping at the front of the board. 


Bote Flood

The Bote Flood is a very versatile paddleboard. This is closer to your traditional "cruiser" paddleboard, except that Bote has designed the Flood to be more efficient. The Flood has a round nose and a displacement hull making it track well (not as well as the HD) and also perform well in the surf. 


Bote Paddleboards

Whether you decide to go with the HD or the Flood, the Bote Core board will have the deck pad that goes the length of the paddleboard. Having padding throughout the length of the board makes it so you can take a second person, a pet or even do exercises on the board. The Core has bungee on the tail, the nose and the side of the board. Like the regular Bote HDs and Bote Floods, the Bote Core has the attachment points for a cooler, the Tackle Rac, and the TraveLink.

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