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SIC X 12'6 (TWC)

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The SIC 12'6 TWC is one of the fastest, lightest boards for open water racing.

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All-Round / Flat-Water / Touring / Race

If you want a fast all around fitness/race board that has a bit more width for added stability then the X-12 is your board. Stability means you can paddle further with less fatigue. Stability is also the key to SIC boards winning pedigree as founder/shaper Mark Raaphorst’s design philosophy is: You are fastest when standing on your board rather than lying in the water next to it. The wave piercing bow and dual zone rocker offer low drag in “displacement mode” while in calm waters and is stable when in “planing mode” in choppier, off wind conditions. Sharp rails at the tail shear water to maximize speed. 

Technical Specs

• Construction: Tough Wood Composition
• Length: 12'6"
• Width: 29.5"
• Thickness: 6.8"
• Weight: 30.0 lbs
• Fin: US 8.3" Weedless
• Volume: 266 L


Additional Information

Brand SIC Sandwich Island Concepts

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