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2016 Cabrinha Switchblade - Closeout

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2016 Cabrinha Switchblade is in its 11th year and remains Cabrinha's top "do everything" kite.


Regular Price: $1,129.00

Special Price: $793.00

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Regular Price: $1,129.00

Special Price: $793.00


2016 Cabrinha Switchblade

Rider Profile:

The 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade is for the savvy rider that wants the highest performance, most versatile, top quality construction kite on the market.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Predictable handling
  • Great upwind performance
  • Ridiculously high hang times
  • Distinctly sharp and precise turns
  • Easy Relaunch


What Cabrinha Says

For the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade, the evolution continues in the 11th year of the Switchblade. With enhanced profiles to optimize the low end power production and a bit of fine tuning, the 2016 Switchblade delivers spot on performance its fans have come to expect. The five strut design has distinct segments that hold the canopy true to its intended shape increasing performance no matter the wind conditions or angle of attack. The full draft-forward, rounded entry, aerodynamic profile really sets it apart from the competition. The wide range of attack angles give the Cabrinha Switchblade the incredibly powerful, predictable pull it's famous for while maintaining maximum control and responsivenes. The Switchblade remains true to the spirit of kiteboarding, making it the industry's first choice for a high performance all around kite.


Shop Review

Cabrinha maintained a similar profile with the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade while incorporating a few designs to increase stability and improve response time. One added feature is called the "pure profile panels". What this does is give the kite a truer shape to the leading edge so the kite remains symmetrical and flys true to its shape. The short bridle paired with the lower "V" from the bar creates instant feedback and unsurpassed control. Having precise control and feeling for where the kite flys in the sky will help you at any level of riding. With the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade, you'll have a similar profile kite as the 2014 and 2015 years but with lighter bar pressure and a kite that feels lighter in the sky without sacrificing quality or durability.


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Additional Information

Brand Cabrinha
Style Performance, Freestyle, Lightwind, Freeride, Surf

Customer Reviews

Best Do Everything Kite Review by Anthony
Doesnt matter what I want to do on any given day, this kite does it all great! Better lowend pull on the 2016 than 2015 and a lot lighter feel! One of the best boosting kites out there! (Posted on 1/9/16)
Best kite year after year Review by Eric
I've flown this kite ever since the first switchblade came out. It gets better and better and the 2016 is no exception. It's awesome! (Posted on 11/30/15)
Love this kite! Review by Big E
I've flown many kites and this kite year after year is my go to. For 2016 Cabrinha knocked it out of the park with the Switchblade. The customer support that Steve and Anthony give you is second to none! Highly recommended! (Posted on 9/11/15)

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